Top 7 reasons why you should visit Sicily in 2015


Here’s a New Year’s resolution for 2015 that will totally blow your mind and here are 7 good reasons why you shouldn’t break it.

WARNING: you might want to book your flight to Sicily straightaway.

1. There are lots of hidden gems still untouched by tourists

Like this Canyon (Cava Grande del Cassibile).


Or this beach (Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro).


 2. Palermo’s street food kicks asses!

And I’m not just saying that because I’m from Palermo. Forbes totally agrees with me. Here’s my personal list of street foods you can’t miss – this shall be your Bible.


3. You can climb the biggest active volcano in Europe (Etna)

And it’ll feel like you’re walking on the moon. Or visiting hell.

#Sicilia #Etna #vulcano #colatalavica

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Little smart fact: according to Greek mythology, Zeus imprisoned Typhon, “the father of all monsters,” beneath it (now go and use this with the ladies — you’re welcome!).

4. You can have ice-cream sandwich for breakfast (or dessert, or mid-afternoon snack)
Watch out… it’s HUGE!


5. You can watch Greek tragedies and Roman comedies performed in their original setting

Greek theatre in Syracusa

#teatrosiracusa ☝️

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Greek theatre in Segesta


6. Walk through this temple valley in Agrigento

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7. And sunbath on white rocky cliffs like this

Scala dei Turchi (Agrigento)


Need more reasons? Just follow Secret Sicily and you’ll get plenty more.

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