Where to get the best pizza in Palermo

So, you’re travelling to Sicily and are wondering where to get the best pizza in Palermo. What any average tourist would do is go to Tripadvisor, and look for best restaurants. But what YOU will do, as a top-class Secret Sicily reader, is get some insider’s tips from real Sicilians who know what THE best pizza tastes like (*smug*), and go eat like a local!

Here’s a list of the top pizzerie in Palermo, put together after a lengthy consultation with my Sicilian friends and a sneak peek to the latest online reviews. The list ranges from top-ranked restaurants, to super-local pizza vendors and bakeries.


WherePiazza Sant’Onofrio, 37-38, 90100, Palermo

Specialties: all pizzas are amazing (trust me, I tried many of them…), but the real specialty is ‘vulcanotto’, a square pizza framed by a thick stuffed crust.

What people say: many reviewers call it “the best pizza in Palermo”, others go even further and say it’s the best in Italy… I guess you’ll have to try for yourself and let me know what you think! Read more reviews.

How to book your table: call+39 393 333 8092 or download the app.


Where: Via del Monte Di Pieta’, 5 90134 Palermo

Specialties: the added value is in the ingredients – local, organic and in season. A great choice for people who care about taste as well as sustainability. 

What people say: “Great food and atmosphere”, “Genuine, delicious and pleasant”, “Sicilian class” – Read more reviews.

How to book: call 091 612 3960 or book online.

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Where: Via Dante 212, 90100, Palermo.

Specialties: their stuffed crust pizza is a must!

What people say: “One of the best pizza in Palermo”, “If you love pizza you love sciuscià” – Read more reviews.

How to book: call 091 682 27 00.

Sciuscia pizzeria Palermo

Mounir – Pizzeria and Kebab

Where: Via Giovanni da Procida, Palermo, Province of Palermo

Specialties: a mishmash of Mediterranean cusine (Italian, Moroccan, Pizza, Turkish,  Middle Eastern, Tunisian).  Mounir’s famous Pizza Kebas is an absolute must!

What people say: more of a fast food than a real pizzeria, Mounir ranks number one restaurant in Palermo by reviewers on Tripadvisor. The owner, from Tunisia, is the sweetest host and will make you feel at home in no time.

How to book: no booking required, but the place it’s quite small so don’t expect to find a table for 10…

Pizza Kebab Mounir



WARNING: if you’re looking for a nice comfy restaurant, that’s probably not the place for you. If, on the other end, you’re looking for a super-cheap street-food experience, a family-run business and a place where you’ll be surrounded only by locals in one of the most hidden squares of the city centre – that’s your place, my friend!

Where: Via del Monte Di Pieta’, 5 90134 Palermo

Specialties: wood-fired pizza , beer, platic tables and paper tablecovers – that’s pretty much it!

What people say: local reviews range from “Great wood-fired pizza” to “Good value for money” and “Dirty, no thanks”. A

How to book: just show up and enjoy your pizza!

best pizza in Palermo

Panificio Graziano

WhereVia del Granatiere, 11/13, 90143 Palermo

Specialties: thick soft pizza and sfincione. Just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

What people say: despite being just a bakery, Graziano is ranked number 8 amongst the best restaurants in Palermo. Here’s my favourite review: “Nobody should come to Palermo and miss this bakery where it is posible to eat one of the best and most traditional pizzas and sfincione of the whole city.” Truer words were never spoken.

Panificio Graziano Palermo

Featured photo by Matt Harris

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