Best beaches in Sicily: top 20 beaches ranked by Sicilians

If you’re wondering where to find the best beaches in Sicily and how to avoid the hideous crowds this summer, you’re in the right place! There are plenty of beautiful Sicilian beaches that are still out of the reach of the average tourist (yuk, that awful species!) and who better than the locals can tell you where they are?

In the hope that you won’t tell anyone, I’m going to share this precious list put together by the Wiralist guru Nicola di Marco. Please, use it wisely and be respectful of these natural heavens – OR ELSE!

If you’ve been to Sicily and have spotted some beautiful places yourself, feel free to add new items to the list or vote for your favourite ones.

Final piece of advice from me: if you’re planning on visiting Sicily this summer, try and avoid high season (July and August) like the plague and book your flights for May, June or September instead. You’ll thank me afterwards.

Go on, explore these hidden places and enjoy your summer holiday, Secret Sicily style!

Featured picture by:  Dorli Photography

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