Palermo, street art and Caravaggio: an interview with C215

C215 street art Palermo

Our friends at Isla Produzioni have just released another brilliant mini-documentary about Christian Guémy, aka C215. The French stencil artist has recently visited Palermo as part of a longer journey on the footsteps of Caravaggio, and gifted our city with some amazing Caravaggio-inspired street art.

In this interview, C215 talks about his journey, his admiration for the Italian painter and what transgression means to different cultures. He was particularly surprised by the indifference of the people of Palermo, who never stopped him once to ask ‘what are you doing?’ as he was painting his graffiti.

I’m glad somebody noticed him and decided to capture and celebrate his stay in Palermo. The last few words are possibly the best summary of what’s wrong with Sicily today.

If you’re planning a trip to Palermo, here’s where you can find the ten stencils painted by C215.

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