Food & drink review: aperitivo at Fabbrica102


During my last trip to Palermo I had the chance to visit Fabbrica102, a very unique pub and literature café which opened less than a year ago.


Nested amid the side streets of Palermo city centre, Fabbrica102 is the brainchild of Fabrizio, a 30-something Palermitan with a great taste for craft beer and locally-sourced food.

Meet Fabrizio, owner of Fabbrica102

The café is located in a tiny street right behind Palermo’s central post office (the huge fascist building in via Roma), facing on one side the lovely Piazza San Domenico and the statue of the Immacolata.

The interior decor, both minimal and warm, “was designed by a contemporary artist and a wise artisan” — Fabrizio told me. The space is divided into three section: a restaurant, a bar and an exhibition area that periodically hosts art activities.


My brother and I took a seat outside and decided to go for an aperitivo, but we couldn’t find it on the menu, nor we could see a food buffet (which is typically part of aperitivo). It turns out that aperitivo at Fabbrica102 is more of a three-course dinner and the courses change all the time. ‘BRING IT ON!’ — I shouted.

So we decided on the drink ad blindly trusted the chef on the food. It was definitely worth it.

I went for a craft beer called Bronzo (inspired to the English pale ale) and my brother went for a Trisca (a blanche),  both from a local micro-brewery called Tari’.


The first course was a mix of Sicilian appetizers, including arancine, panelle, bruschette, fried aubergines, spitino and potatoes —  a nice and colourful introduction to Sicilian street food!


This tiny arancina stole my heart…


The second course was a spinach and pea risotto with a curry flavour, an interesting combination of mediterranean and oriental traditions.


Finally, two mini-bites of shortbread to ‘wash your mouth’ after the savoury dishes.


More flavours and local delicacies will be waiting for me the next time I’m in Palermo, as I’m definitely coming back to this lovely place. Have a look at the full menu to get an idea and follow Fabbrica102 on Facebook to get the latest updates.


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  1. Now this is new to me and I’ll definitely be looking it up when I visit Palermo. The food looks wonderful. I can almost taste that little arancina! But only ‘almost’… *sigh*

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