Sicilian art and ceramics

Ceramica Caltagirone

This is a guest post by Dana Sibilsky – an art enthusiast, blogger and mother of three. When she is not investing her time into her family, she is blogging about her love for art featuring her own creations.

The world is an amazing place, no doubt, and one of the greatest places I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit is Sicily.

Vacationing in Sicily has always been in my family’s tradition each year and my mother had a rhyme she would say each year that goes, “There’s no place I’d rather be that’s as good to me as Sicily.” On the first family vacation to Sicily was when I discovered my love for art just by being amazed with the new styles of architecture we never saw back home in the United States.

Caltagirone, the city of ceramics – photo by brka

As far as art goes, Sicily is well known for the ceramic art. Some ceramic projects are titled as ‘fine art’ or ‘artistic poetry’. The art work dates back to the first Sicanians and over the thousands of years, their style has in ceramic art has never lost it’s unique flavor that makes it one of a kind.

Sicilian ceramics, Taormina - photo by Fernando
Sicilian ceramics, Taormina – photo by Fernando

There is so much to the culture of Sicily than just ceramic art. With art being the heart of Sicily’s makeup, other productions—such as music and even film—are what make Italy so iconic. One day I hope to visit the Teatro Massimo with my name ‘Dana Sibilsky’ right on the best chair of the house. The Teatro Massimo is perhaps one of Italy’s biggest bragging rights, and for good reason! It’s without a doubt the second or third largest opera house in all of Europe depending on who you ask, of course. However, in my opinion, there’s no argument it’s the best in the world.

Photo by Salvatore Cirasa
Teatro Massimo – photo by Salvatore Cirasa

If you ever take the time to visit Sicily, you can’t ignore the heart of what has made Sicily what it is today: Art. Take the time to recharge your soul with a walk through any establishment and you’ll witness the art and fall in love with the experience of what it is that has brought Sicily together as the place it is today.


photo by Alessandro Bonvini

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