The Sicilian food blog that will turn you into a Great British Bake off chef

The Dough Project - Sicilian food blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Sicilian food blog of the year: The Dough Project.

I’m proud o say I’ve finally managed to convince my brother, Pietro, to open his own food blog and share his cooking skills with the rest of the world. Over the past few months, Pietro has been wearing his apron day and night to bring you the best recipes from the land of cannoli. Being a dough-addict and a healthy food geek (nothing like his junk-food-lover sister!), you can rest assured that you’ll learn a hell of a lot about food and healthy cooking.

The Dough Project will teach you everything you need to know about the art of baking and dough-making, with the help of some great photography and lovely videos.

Want a little taster? Here’s how you make Sicilian ‘brioche’ from scratch.

Head to The Dough Project website to find more recipes and follow the latest updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ready, set, bake!


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