5 reasons why you should keep a travel journal

Travel journal by Secret Sicily

Posting your travel snaps on Instagram is fun, but writing on a travel journal will take your trip to the next level.

Here are 5 reasons why keeping a travel journal is the best thing ever:

1. It will help you remember the important bits

Your to-do lists, the ticket to that place you don’t want to forget, the coffee stain from your first breakfast away from home, the handwriting of that dude you met at the hostel… everything will live in one little place that fits into your pocket and carries more memories than an iPhone could possibly do.

Travel journal
Photo by: Hope

2. Your friends’ best quotes will live forever

Your travel journal will become a chest of invaluable memories and quotes. Warning: the things you’ve said could be held against you at any time for the next thousands years.

Photo by RaeBerlin

3. It’s a portable canvas for your live-sketches and doodles

Because sometimes words are not enough to describe what you’re seeing.


4. And the best place to vent your rants and raves

THAT moment when your travel buddy really gets on your nerves – grab a pen, and save a friendship…


5. It will help you defeat boredom

When you’re travelling solo and have a 10 hour train journey in front of you, your travel journal will become your best friend.


Can you think of more reasons? Write them in the comments below!

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