Sambuca di Sicilia: why you should visit this lovely village

Sambuca di Sicilia

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Sambuca di Sicilia used to be called Sambuca Zabot until 1921. It was founded by the Arabs in 827 but early records show settlement existed since the prehistoric Elymian and Sican groups of peoples as seen in the archaeologic findings in the Adranone Mountain. Urban development became more significant since the 13th century.

Sambuca di Sicilia - Adradone
Sambuca di Sicilia – Adradone

The town has its own tourist attractions to boast, like the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Castle of Zabut, the 16th century Mother Church, and the Church of the Carmine. Visitors can see works of great importance such as the marble statue of the Virgin which is credited to Antonello Gagini. A wooden crucifix made in the 1600s is also on display.

Why should you visit Sambuca?

Sambuca di Sicilia is interestingly beautiful, thanks to the recently restored Saracen quarter. Here, one can find streets, low houses and courtyards. One can also find fascinating architecture such as buildings and palaces – the 18th century Town Theatre, The Palazzo Panitteri, the 17th century Palazzo Navarro, the ruins of the Castle and the 16th century Palazzo Fiore. The castle was built by Emit Zabuth and was later used as a prison of which only a few of its original structure remains.

Sambuca di Sicilia by giornacleos
Sambuca di Sicilia by giornacleos

For nature lovers, it is worth visiting the carbonatic Genuardo Mountain which is characterized by the presence of the so-called lava pillow that erupted 135 million years ago. It comprises of dense forests of oaks and maples. From the top, a breathtaking panorama of the southern coast of Sicily can be viewed. The Arancio Lake, which was recently designated as a Nature Reserve, is rich in pine and eucalyptus trees as well as the most interesting fauna like the Egyptian Vulture . Here, you can also do some water skiing or have a wonderful picnic on the shores.

Genuardo Mountain - photo by Saverio Turano
Genuardo Mountain – photo by Saverio Turano

For wine lovers, a visit to first winery of Planeta is a must. You can stroll along 93 hectares of vineyards where several grape varieties are grown. The wine cellar is located just a few meters away from the 16th century baglio. The estate is home to Chardonnay Planeta and the Merlot Sito. There are guided tours and wine tastings available. One can also visit the open-air Iter Vitis Museum which is dedicated to the history of Sicilian wine.

Sambuca i Sicilia by scoprimenfi
Sambuca di Sicilia – photo by scoprimenfi

As for food, there is an abundance of restaurants to enjoy some lovely Sicilian cuisine. For example, Il Duca serves fantastic food using only quality ingredients. You will appreciate the warm reception by the couple that runs the place. Try their tunacarpaccio, the quails, and the spaccatelle neonate,ciliegine and mandorle with a bottle of ‘urra di mare’, a white mandrarossa wine. You will surely have a blast!

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